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Entry Requirements & Admission
Entry Requirements & Admission

Documents required by all new students
•    Birth Certificate *
•    Immunization card *
•    Medical Report
•    Completed Application Form
•    Photographs – Two recent passport size photographs with full names and date of birth written on the back.


a. The uniform is compulsory in both departments and must be worn correctly.
b. Children must wear the specified clothing for P.E. only on P.E. days.
c. All belongings should be clearly marked with the child’s name. Please check the Lost and Found area for items that are misplaced.
d. If a student is out of his/her correct uniform, a written explanation signed by the parent is required.
e. No jewellery, except a wristwatch, is to be worn by boys. Girls may wear a wristwatch and if ears are pierced, small gold/silver stubs or sleepers. Pearls and coloured earrings are not allowed.
f. Hairstyles should be neat and appropriate. Tinting and colouring of hair will not be allowed. For boys, carved ponytails and trendy styles will not be allowed.


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